A Fiddler On His Route

Music Theatre Show by Micha Molthoff and band

Florence, 1993. The Uffizi Museum is badly damaged in a bomb attack and the wooden structure of the building is exposed. Violin maker Jamie Lazzara takes parts of this 16th century wood to her workshop and builds a beautiful violin there; the San Filippo. An exceptional instrument that is brought to life by Micha Molthoff.

A Fiddler on his Route is about this violin and his player, who visited many countries and plays a wide range of musical styles. From the classic melodies of Tchaikovsky, tango from Astor Piazzolla to work by John Mayer and the life song from the Amsterdam Jordaan.

Violinist Micha Molthoff, also a composer, played with, among others, Herman van Veen, Toon Hermans, Ute Lemper and together with Remko Vrijdag van de Vliegende Panters. His music can be heard in various films, documentaries and theater productions.

A Fiddler On His Route is the musical biography of a man and his instrument, their fusion and the versatility of melodies, inspired by travels across many continents.

Fact: Violin maker Jamie Lazzara also built violins for Barack Obama and Itzhak Perlman.


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