Short biography

Micha Molthoff is a violinist and composer. Formed by classical music, gypsy music, tango and The Beatles, he writes his own repertoire. He also composes filmscores and music for modern classical dance.

Micha founded several groups and bands: The Floaters, the Cobra Quartet, Micha Molthoff Ensemble and Quinteto Zárate. He worked together with the International Dance Theatre, Orkater, Ute Lemper, Hector Zazou and many others.

In the past twenty years Micha has written and produced numerous scores for film and documentary movies, modern classical dance and music theatre.

Micha specialized in Argentinian Tango as a violinplayer since working with Quinteto Bravo for the theatre show ‘Destino Tango’ at the Fringe Festival in Edingburgh in 1999. This quintet was formed by guitarist and composer Alejandro Schwarz and Ignacio Varchausky (El Después, El Arranque).

Micha Molthoff studied classical violin at the Utrecht Conservatory with Philipp Hirshhorn and at the Sweelinck Conservatory Amsterdam with Peter Brunt. With his string quartet he took masterclasses with a.o. the Talich Quartet and István Párkányi.